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The Importance Of Creating A Will

Many people put off creating a will, but this can be a mistake. By doing it now you can give yourself peace of mind while protecting your loved ones from potential uncertainty, conflict, and expense.

At the Law Office of Lisabeth Mims, we draft wills and other estate planning documents for clients in Dallas and throughout surrounding areas. We will work with you closely to gain an understanding of your goals so that we can establish a will that truly protects your wishes.

What Can A Will Do For You?

Wills can be customized to perform a number of important functions, including:

  • Creating trusts to protect family members
  • Appointing a guardian for minor children
  • Deciding how your wealth and assets will be distributed
  • Bequesting money for a favorite charity
  • Appointing an executor to oversee the administration of your estate

Of all the reasons to create a will, the most compelling one may be to protect your loved ones from unnecessary problems in the future. Without a will in place, your assets will be distributed in accordance with Texas intestate succession laws. It is not likely that the state’s plan will truly be the best one for your loved ones. With your wishes cloaked in mystery, your surviving loved ones may have different ideas about what you would have wanted. Conflict and legal expense may ensue.

You can avoid these problems by taking the simple step of creating a will. Our Dallas estate planning law firm is here to guide you through the process.

Talk To An Experienced Lawyer About Creating A Will In Texas

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